A royal little gem!

Lady apples, also known as Api in France, is one of the oldest known varieties, allegedly dating back to the first century. It was grown throughout Europe and purportedly a favorite with French royalty. It's said they were cultivated by the Romans. Eventually, they made their way to North America and became a symbol of wealth for early colonists.

They are a small, two-inch wide green fruit with either a red or yellow blush and white flesh. Ripening takes place from October to early the following year and they retain excellent shelf life. Don't remove the peel as that adds to the semi-sweet, almost tart flavor. We get most of our Lady Apples from the Hood River Valley in Oregon. They seem well suited to the rich, volcanic soils and the cooler nighttime temperatures of the elevated valley bring out it's unique color and flavor. Our current supply is from Diamond Fruit Growers and are perfect for dessert, pickling, decorations or just eating as a perfect juicy morsel!

Other uses in recipes include Caramel apples, apple cider and cooking them with lamb, pork or ham.They can be used as a garnish or added to a plate of roasted vegetables.

These little beauties make great stocking stuffers or wreath ornaments and we sell them in our fruit boxes or you can purchase a whole case for the holidays.

Send us any questions or share with us any additional recipes or information you may have about Lady apples. We would love to hear from you!