An array of special fruit for the middle of summer

Fresh Bahri dates from the Coachella Valley

Right now Petra Produce is offering some unique special summer treats!

Bahri dates are freshly picked from trees in the Coachella Valley. They have a dry, light-sweetness. Low on the glycemic scale, they can be a tasty alternative to other high sugar sources.

Natural Flame seedless grapes

Natural Flame seedless grapes are super sweet and make a nice contrast on a cheese and cracker plate!

Natural grapes are grown without growth regulators such as Gibberellic acid which is used in small amounts on fruit such as grapes and cherries to enhance cell growth and increase cluster and berry size. Gibberellic acid was first discovered by Kurosawa, a botanist in Japan in 1926.

Jubilee Pluots Family Tree Farms

Try our crunchy, sweet-tart Jubilee pluots that arrived last Friday at Petra. Super flavorful and refreshing on a hot summer afternoon!

Much more of a traditional plum in appearance and taste.

Plapple Pluots Family Tree Farms

These are a rare variety of pluot that show up for a very short time at the height of summer. The ones shown to the left are packed in three layers and are about the size of a golfball!

They make for a satisfying, sweet and crispy snack anytime.

Solo Hawaiian Papayas

Solo papayas from Hawaii are great

in a salad, smoothies or just cut in half and eaten with a squeeze of lime to counter the creamy, mild tropical flavor.

Papayas are loaded with nutrients essential for maintaining a healthy gut, loaded with vitamin C and just plain delicious.

Korean Melons

Here is a varietal melon that appeals to everyone. It has a striking outer skin and a creamy, white, almost translucent flesh inside offering a mildly sweet taste.

Because they are small they are the perfect lunchbox melon!

Petra Produce is a owned by Sal Ghisnan, a wholesaler for over 15 years on the Golden Gate Produce Terminal located in South San Francisco.

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