Apricots, Cherries, Nectarines & Peaches

We are all enjoying these delicious members of the stone fruit family, locally grown in orchards throughout the entire San Joaquin Valley. Quality and flavor are very good this year, due in part to a wet winter. However, the heavy rains we received two weekends ago damaged the cherry crop, severely shortening the season. The organic cherry crop in California was especially hard hit.

Washington State should help fill the gap when their season starts in two weeks.

At Petra Produce, we have been receiving pallets of fresh apricots, white and yellow flesh peaches and nectarines from Family Tree Farms for the last two weeks now. The color and flavor have been exceptional and we are starting to add these tasty fruits to our Farmers on Wheels boxes much to the delight of our customers!

Hopefully, this week we'll have flat white flesh(Donut) peaches and our first plums and Pluots.

We currently have creamy, new crop cantaloupe and luscious honeydew melons from the Imperial Valley and sweet blueberries from Kern County.

Visit the Golden Gate Produce Terminal market and Petra Produce and see all the great produce we have to offer.