Blood oranges

Tarocco Blood orange

January is great time to experience fresh picked citrus. We have new varieties arriving here at our parent company, Petra Produce every week. I decided to focus on two delicious Blood oranges, the Moro and the Tarocco. The Moro is usually the first variety to show up in retail stores, local farmers markets and wholesale terminals. Moro blood oranges have a deep red, almost purple flesh with raspberry/blackberry overtones. They have a very unique flavor.

Moro Blood orange

Tarocco blood oranges, from Alex Produce out of Orosi, California arrived late last week. These oranges have a slight blush to the flesh and more of a semi-sweet, tart lemon/orange range of flavors. Makes a great fresh squeezed juice, sliced up in a fruit salad or plated up with sharp cheese and crackers.

Monday, we are expecting Tarocco Blood oranges from Rising C Ranches out of Lemongrove, California. A month early, this block of trees is being picked due to their location on a hillside.

We have other fine specialty citrus here at Petra, including Manadarin and Limequats, Page mandarins, kumquats, Seville and Bergemot sour oranges as well as other standbys such as navels and juice oranges. Again, we encourage folks to come and experience these and all the wonderful citrus at the Golden Gate Produce Market and