February-citrus' time to shine

Nordman kumquats

Citrus is now hitting its full stride. Owari Satsuma season is over but don't miss out on the sheer variety available right now from Central and Southern California groves.

Try out Melogolds, Blood Oranges, W.F. Murcotts Tangerines, Minneolas, Sweet Limes, Sour Oranges, Navel and Pink Navels as well as many other specialty citrus.

Some of these varieties can be peeled. Others may be grated for their zest, sliced for a quick snack or mixed with a salad.

Melogolds, Pomelos and Texas red Grapefruit can be either segmented and eaten for a great breakfast starter or used as decoration for a festive occasion such as Chinese New Year, Valentines Day or other events.


Kumquats, Mandarinquats and Limequats eaten whole deliver a burst of flavor as a snack. Try dicing them up and adding some tartness and piquancy to Mediterranean and Indian dishes.

Don't forget Valencia Oranges from Texas and Mexico! They are excellent for juicing, sweet and loaded with vitamin C. Also, a great source of your daily fiber.

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