Forelle Pears, Speckled wonders

Forelle pears are one of the oldest European varieties and are believed to have originated in the 1600s in Northern Saxony, Germany. The name Forelle means "trout" in German because of it's similar appearance to the Rainbow trout. German immigrants brought the pears over to the United States in the 1800s.

Forelle pears are green in color with red lenticels or "freckles". The green turns to yellow as they ripen. Their lenticels appear in bright contrast to their brilliant yellow skin when the fruit is ripe. The white to off-white flesh is slightly more dense and coarse than most other pears. A very unique pear.

They are bite-size with a smooth texture and distinctive cinnamon spice flavor that is enhanced when matched with a gourmet cheese or other tart foods.

Because they are small, the Forelle is an ideal snacking pear, especially for kids.

We will be featuring these amazing treasures in our fruit boxes through December and into early January. We also have them available in full cases. Currently, we are sourcing our pears from Hood River, Oregon.

I am a wee bit partial to the Forelle. Okay, they are pretty much my favorite. We hope you will enjoy them as well!

Send us your family's favorite recipe using Forelle pears. We would love to share it!