Legends of the Fall...

Its hard to believe summer is over but I for one am really looking forward to the fall season and what we have to offer here at Petra Produce. late season Autumn King and Natural Thompson seedless green grapes are at the height of their sugar profile and make an excellent snack in the afternoon for kids returning home from school.

Crunchy Hosui apple pears combine a juicy and nutty flavor all in one bite!

New crop D'Anjou pears have arrived from Washington along with the Sweetie apple, an aromatic

blend of two varieties, the sugar-sweet Royal Gala and the firm-crisp Braeburn.

Early Foothill extra large pomegranates are now available, bursting with color and taste.

Green Sevillano olives are perfect for brining.

The last of the short Italian prune season from Idaho has finished and I think it was one of their best crops in years. The sugar level was at peak levels.

Two fall favorites have returned at Petra, California Chestnuts and Pistachios, both packed in 25 pound sacks and available for the next few weeks. Both of these are excellent roasted and along with pomegranates herald that the fall season is indeed in full swing......