New Citrus and Specialty items

The following are a few truly special and short seasonal fruits now available on the market.

As we move into March, the last of the fresh citrus is being harvested. At PETRA PRODUCE we have been receiving one of my favorites, PIXIE Tangerines! Harvested by Rising C Ranches, these bumpy little creatures are fairly to peel and bursting with sugary goodness. They make a perfect snack anytime of day. GOLD NUGGET and giant SUMO Mandarins are also still arriving on the South San Francisco Produce Terminal and both have their own unique flavor and peel easily as well.

Make sure to check out the last of the fresh CHERIMOYA and PASSION FRUIT from Southern California on the market. Each of these fruits has their own tropical essence. The first one is creamy and custard-like and the other is a blend of guava, orange, mango and strawberry as well as other subtle flavors. Both are great in a smoothie, scooped out and blended into a fresh juice or mixed to make a tasty sorbet!

A must try is the BEST EVER Pear, which is the last pear to be packed and shipped out of the Pacific Northwest and will only be around for a few more weeks. This pear is a cross between a COMICE and a WINTER NELIS and in appearance is misshapen, green with a heavily russeted skin. It is best eaten when still firm while yielding a strong COMICE flavor.

On a final note, I encourage all to come out and visit Petra Produce and meet our sales team of Raphael Gonzales and Charles Giang. Their produce knowledge, experience and customer service are second to none.

We look forward to seeing you when you come by the market or reach out to us at