Oh yes, we have melons

Hello my friends!! I thought it would be remiss of me to neglect to mention all the tasty new crop melons that have been arriving here at Petra Produce recently.

Hailing from the Imperial and Coachella Valleys, these late spring, early summer melons include creamy and sugary Cantaloupe, Crenshaw, Hammy, Honeydew and Santa Claus. The sugar level on these delicious melons increases as the days and weeks get hotter. These two areas are the precursor to the big summer event, the Westside Melon deal.

We also have Korean melons from Mexico in 10 lb cartons. These small yellow and white striped melons have a white, juicy flesh and are quite refreshing.

Melons are great sliced up with your breakfast meal or on a hot afternoon, used in making a smoothie or chopped up and added to a salad.

Visit us at the Gate Produce Terminal Market located at 131 Terminal Market Court, check out our yummy melons and all of our flavorful stone fruit.

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