Petra Produce and The Farmers on Wheels

I want to take a moment and mention that The Farmers on Wheels is possible because of Petra Produce. Most of the fruit we pack into our boxes comes from the inventory we have here at Petra. By bringing in quality fruit from California, Oregon and Washington we are ensuring that all of our boxes contain only the best product available.

We look forward to serving our existing and new customers in 2019. We would love the opportunity to demonstrate our business model with offices, homeowners, schools, medical buildings, athletic cubs and churches.

Providing fresh, locally sourced fruit to all kinds of communities in the bay area is crucial in playing a part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We look forward to playing our role in this endeavor.

Please reach out to us at with your ideas for recipes using our fruit and check out the other fresh commodities that we offer at Petra Produce here in South San Francisco.