Hello to all the awesome supporters and customers of The Farmers on Wheels!

We have a few tasty new arrivals here at Petra Produce. Black Splendor plums from Family Tree Farms are a delicious combination of sweet & tart with a crunchy texture. The ideal flavor one looks for in a plum. Another variety, the Plumogranate, is one of the best tasting pluots of the summer. It's a crunchy and juicy with a unique sugar profile.

Recent arrivals include Flame Seedless grapes from the Coachella Valley. The sugar level is lightly sweet with a crispy texture!

Finally, we received Bing and Chelan cherries from Washington State. These varieties are large, plump, juicy and loaded with vitamen C and are a potent source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Please visit us online at or visit Petra Produce, located on The Golden Gate Produce Terminal

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