Spring Has Sprung

The Farmers on Wheels would like to thank all of the businesses and people who have supported us these past five months. The response to our program has been very supportive and given us the confidence to continue to serve the Bay Area, supplying a fresh, delicious array of fruits combined with our "High Touch" approach of education and knowledge of our product.

The last of the citrus varieties to be harvested, Gold Nugget mandarins, have arrived here at Petra and are delicious. We received a few specialty items to coincide with spring, including Grape Leaves, Sunchokes, fresh Green Garlic, Snow Peas and Young Coconut to make some truly amazing dishes!

This past week we started a line of Organic greens from HEGER FARMS with at least a dozen different varieties, including beets, greens, fennel, broccoli and cabbage.

By the end of April, harvest begins for the first Cherries, Apricots, Apriums and Blueberries from California. Due to heavy winter rains and recent cold temperatures, however, there was increased blossom drop and will most likely lead to a later start and smaller volume of fruit, especially early in the season.

When the fruit does arrive at Petra Produce we will make sure to select the best fruit nature can provide. Our awesome fruit will also go into your fruit boxes when you order at

Please reach out to us on Facebook and Instagram or and share your experiences and stories relating to recipes and fresh produce.

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