Think Orange

We at The Farmers on wheels certainly are! Recently, local Owari satsumas have arrived from the San Joaquin valley. These early satsumas have a slight green blush with good sugar and plenty of juice! They herald the beginning of the fall/winter California citrus season and provides color, flavor and a sweet boost to the holidays, especially Thanksgiving.

We also have our first Hachiya persimmons and an ever increasing volume of Fuyus as well. The flat shaped Fuyu is best eaten when still firm and crunchy, delivering a complex array of flavors, including cinnamon and nutmeg. The pear shaped Hachiya, on the other hand, is a fruit that doesn't ripen fully until quite soft. When dried they make an excellent natural candy.

The fall fig season is over but Sevillano olives from the Groves in Orland, California are still available to brine and go perfect with Thanksgiving and football games.

If you have a story or recipe you would like to share we would love to hear from you.