This and that

I have a few odds and ends worthy of mentioning that we are selling here at Petra Produce and the Farmers on Wheels.

The last of the BEST EVER pears from Medford, Oregon have hit the market and we will be putting a few in all of our fruit boxes as a salute to a truly unique and delicious piece of fruit.

Bosc pears supplies from the Northwest are rapidly winding down. We did receive a partial pallet the other day from Blue Star growers in Cashmere Washington and they were extremely crunchy, nutty and lightly sweet overtones. A nice surprise considering they were packed last November. Petra has 10-3# bagged small Tango mandarins from Rising C Ranch, the perfect size for your kids lunches.

A true spring time specialty entering the produce market at this time are Green Almonds.

We are receiving Green Almonds from Ana Torres in 22# cartons and 25# sacks from Mecca Produce. These almonds are very popular at this time of year, especially among middle eastern and Mediterranean cultures and are a herald that spring has arrived.

Come by and see what else we have to offer at Petra Produce located on the Golden Gate Produce Terminal in South San Francisco.