Why Choose us?

Well, first and foremost we love fresh fruit! Let us share that fire with you! We have the product, variety and knowledge to make that happen. How to choose the fruit that is placed in the box? Why select a certain size? Using small fruit sizes makes it easy to hold in one hand by either adults or kids. Keeping the size uniform adds to the symmetry and appeal of the presentation. We use 88s, 100s or 113s for apples and 90s and 100s for pears. But what do those size designations mean? Literally, it means the number of fruit per case and refers to the size as well. The higher the number, the smaller the fruit size.

Why do we pick the varieties we do? It shows the wide variety that is available and allows us to share that experience with you. Most folks are familiar with Golden and Red Delicious, Gala, Fuji and Granny Smith. But just wait until you try an Opal! A Golden Delicious and Topaz cross which originated in the Czech Republic and grown in the southeastern corner of Washington State. A sweet, tangy flavor with a distinctive crunch. Best of all, it does not turn brown after cutting. So enjoy our specially selected apples here at The Farmers On Wheels and remember, it's National Apple month!

Be on the lookout for Comice and Stark crimson pears.

(Tip:Use our delicious apples, pears and grapes when making a tasty Waldorf salad).

We encourage you to follow us at The Farmers On Wheels and welcome questions or discussions about our fresh fruit program as the seasons progress.