Winter is a great time for Specialty items.

Lets get excited, because it's a new year and we have some unique fruit available to share with you.

Here at Petra Produce, our parent company, we have a direct line of citrus from California grower Ripe To You/Fruition Sales for you as we hit full winter stride.

Buddha Hand is valued for it's aromatic rind, used to perfume rooms and often sliced and candied. It is a mainstay for the tables at gatherings during Chinese New Year. Currently this fruit is in a green stage and will return later this month depending on growing conditions.

Kishu mandarins have a very high Brix(sugar level)and are easy to peel, a great snack for kids!

Heirloom navels are just fine-tasting oranges grown by sustaining traditional cultural practices with old time flavor and taste. Farming the way it was done 100 years ago.

Sweet limes, are Palestinian sweet limes that grow in backyards all over the world but grown only commercially in the Middle East and are super sweet and juicy. We have just received our first Page mandarins, Mandarinquats, Limequats, Seville sour and Bergemot oranges an Fukushu kumquats.

Right now Petra has beautiful jumbo pomegranates, 18 & 22 count, loaded with juicy arils and full of nutritious health benefits.

The Peruvian groundcherry or Physallis Peruviana, is a recent super food phenomenon and is native to Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. These golden berries are part of the nightshade family which includes tomatoes! 3/4 cup of these sweet, slightly tart berries contain almost 40% of the RDA of vitamin D, 1.7 grams of protein-more than pomegranates, blueberries and papaya combined! They are

low on the glycemic index and high in antioxidents which have shown to suppress carcinogens and decrease levels of oxidative stress in the body. They are commonly called Cape Gooseberries, goldenberry, Pichuberry or Physalis.

On a final note, New crop Okui Farms strawberries have arrived from Oceano, California and have excellent sweet-tart sugary flavor and full red color.

Try the Golden Gooseberry, strawberries and other citrus specialties that will continue to arrive at Petra and on the Golden Gate Produce Terminal in South San Francisco throughout the winter season.

Specialty citrus from Rising C Ranch

Buddha Hand

New crop Southern California strawberries