Winter, the true citrus season

One of the best things about winter is the fantastic variety of citrus that is now at its full ripeness and headed to local produce markets, grocery stores and ultimately, our kitchen tables.

We encourage our readers to share which is their favorite fruit, recipes and aromas that bring memories flooding back.

We are sourcing most of our product from the San Joaquin Valley and the Southern California Coast. We are currently carrying several different labels of Satsumas, loaded with juice and sugar. Yuzu lemons, Buddha Hand and Meyer lemons offer zest and flavor to all your dishes.

California navel oranges, including cara cara pink navels are increasingly sweet. Juice oranges and grapefruit from Texas are loaded with juice and are readily available. Ripe To You is a major grower of specialty citrus out of the Southern San Joaquin Valley and is our main supplier of these varieties. Turn to us at for all your holiday citrus needs.

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